What Is Divorce

Divorce is a separation of couple after marriage. Divorce means lots of things like fight of husband and wife and the fight of two families that have bound in the base of marriage.

What Are The Reasons Of Divorce

There are lots of reasons about divorce but most common reasons are UN-loyalty of husbands and sometimes interference of others in husband wife life and the other most common reason in nowadays some jealous people doing black magic to separate husband wife and they are using black magic for their weapon to cause of divorce.

What Kind Of Problems Become After Divorce

Divorce is also a problem and other problems relying on divorce that happens after divorce. But i am just talking here major problem that divorce affecting on children's. Divorce is tough on kids. Child minds getting change with the bad influences of divorce. or if someone did black magic for divorce then many other bad things happens with the separations some people loosing jobs and some people got sick.

Symptoms Of Black Magic For Divorce

  • unfortunately start fighting
  • arguments on every topic between husband and wife
  • fighting without reasons
  • they are loosing concentrations from children
  • feel lonely even they are couples
  • depreciation
  • husband/wife starts to feel hate each others
  • feeling anger and hate your own self

Divorce Problem Solution

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